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An environment where athletes develop their potential

WE ARE a results-based training facility helping athletes develop muscular strength, agility, and explosiveness.  We pride ourselves in creating an environment for personal growth and athletic development using custom, individualized programs for each athlete.  Our approach combines sport-specific principles with the expertise of local specialists in skill development, nutrition, sports psychology, and rehabilitation. We also offer adult training services in private and group settings for individuals interested in a more goal-oriented approach to fitness, rather than a commercial gym membership.


All of our services are handcrafted for you!

Youth Training

Starting athletes at a young age helps to build a wider base for a higher peak, so they are ready for the Advanced Programming at the high school level. Not only is this youth program helping them develop physically but also in learning the exercises so they are familiar with proper training principles and mechanics with movement.

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Advanced Athletic Development

Before Training, it is essential to complete a baseline evaluation, testing for weaknesses and current athletic ability. After the evaluation, we will put together a custom program for that athlete and a Trainer will personally guide each individual through that program. From there, both the athlete and the trainer will track the progress and re-evaluate our baseline to show the results we receive here at Matryx.

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Adult Fitness

Adult fitness starts with an evaluation by going through specific exercises, testing for weaknesses, discussing our goals and plan for moving forward. We will determine whether the group class training or private training is best for you.

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College/ Professional Athlete Training:

From working with Olympic level athletes, Heisman Candidates, and many NFL combine athletes, we have programs that will strategically build, peak, or rehab professionals depending on what phase they are at in their career. Call Ty to learn more 484-387-0617

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Online programming:

If you are not in the area but are still interested in getting results at your local gym, Matryx offers programs that have been helping others get results   from across the nation and across the world! Email: for more info!

Camps and Clinics

MATRYX has specialists from all sports that help run camps and clinics to help with fundamental skill development.

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Meet The Owner

Ty Marx

Ty, head trainer at MATRYX, was a two sport athlete in wrestling, and eventually playing football at the collegiate level. He studied Athletic Training at King's College and continues to educate himself on the latest methods of advanced training and injury prevention/rehab. Having experienced the immense physical and mental challenge that comes with injury rehab, he enforces the importance of taking care of the mind and body on and off the field. Ty has almost 5 years experience of working with hundreds of athletes including Olympic Level and National Champion Athletes.

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